Popmusik Februar
von Gina D’Orio

Tirzah & Micachu, Dean Blunt, Bobby Smith & the Dreamgirls, Mykki Blanco, Fun Boy Three, The Doors und Morrissey.

Tirzah & Micachu – »I’m Not Dancing«


»I’m not dancing – I’m fighting. I’m not touching – I’m feeling.«


Dean Blunt – »Felony / Stalker 7«


»Justin Timberlake ain’t a good dancer. He counts his steps like raatid mathematician… I don’t sound like a happy person. I’m really happy!« (Dean Blunt im Interview mit »Fact«)


Bobby Smith & the Dreamgirls – »Now He’s Gone«


»We were all in New York and everything was so professional and so different from the Carmen in Dearborn. I mean, we had already felt like we made it! Irving booked us at the Apollo, and here we were, sharing the bill with Santo & Johnny, Clyde McPhatter, LaVern Baker, and the Crests! I was only 18 or 19, you know? And we worked our butts off. Four shows a day at the Apollo, five shows on Saturday.« (Bobbie Smith)


Mykki Blanco – »Haze.Boogie.Life«


»…We’re living in a time where the mediocrity of mainstream pop culture is at an all-time high…«

»A good Mykki Blanco song is hard-hitting, combative and aggressive but also the lyricism is psychedelic and trippy and spaced out… Last, it’s sassy, biting and hyper-feminine.«

»I roll with all types, real niggas, real dykes, white boys with them yarmulkes, model chicks with a million followers.«


Fun Boy Three – »Our Lips Are Sealed«


»There is tension among us but we can talk about it, and we try to avoid each other as much as possible… I like watching myself on top of the pops – at least I do…« (Terry Hall)


The Doors – »Five to One«

»I think the first time we went to San Francisco and played the Fillmore. That was quite amazing. All of our San Francisco shows were great. And Madison Square Garden was pretty cool. Some of the early Chicago and Detroit shows were wonderful. We had great audiences.« (Robby Krieger)


Morrissey – »There’s a Light That Never Goes Out«

»I’m cursed with the gift of foresight,« he says. Then a few minutes later, he says it again. »You don’t mean in a crystal ball kind of way, do you?« »That’s exactly what I mean. Cross my palm with silver.« (aus »Morrissey interview: Big mouth strikes again.«)


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